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"Culture and Economics" Program

The "Culture and Economics" Program was launched in 2003 in partnership with the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. The program's objective is to try to shape a different view/attitude towards culture as a resource for society's development, as well as promote the development of commercial and non-commercial aspects of activity in the cultural sphere and find new forms of partnerships between culture, business, government authorities and local communities.
Two partnership projects, namely "Creative industries" and "Bridges to new partnerships in culture (Arts and business)" are carried out in the framework of the program.

"Culture on Borders" seminars series

The seminars are focused on latest approaches and new ways of cultural development. The "Culture on Borders" seminars are addressed to active cultural practitioners and all those who strive to modernize the activity of their organizations, achieve higher rates of efficiency and openness, go beyond the limited resources of public funding and find new partners. The seminars are conducted in partnership with network organizations and regional authorities.
During the year 2004 two seminars were held in the framework of "Culture and Business" series, at Yasnaya polyana, Leo Tolstoi estate, Tulskaya region (March) and in Volgograd (October). The third seminar will be held in April 2005 in the Moscow region.

"Culture and the Civil Society"

Aims and objectives: development of cultural networks, establishing links between culture and other agents of the civil society; strengthening the independent organizations' sector in cultural sphere, overcoming the barrier between public and private sectors.
Dec.25, 2004 Feb.15, 2005. An exhibition was held at the State Polytechnic museum, Moscow, under the name "Tell me who is your enemy. Image of enemy in today's Russia." The exhibition was organized by the Cultural Policy Institute in partnership with the "Memorial" International society.

Information and publishing activities program Creating and systematically updating information resources' package mainly dealing with cultural policy, management, fundraising and project management issues in cultural sphere and focused on international and regional partnerships. Publishing of books in translation on cultural policy issues in partnership with the "Klassika XXI" publishing house. Please refer to the "Literature" section for full list of books published by the Cultural Policy Institute in partnership with the "Klassika XXI" publishing house.

International Forum of new partnership and collaboration "Culture plus".

The Forum's objective is to discuss experience and prospects for development of creative sectors of Russian economics, new models of cooperation between culture and business. The Forum will be held at the end of October, 2005 in Moscow