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Culture Plus Forum 2007

Cultural Policy Institute
Creative Industries Agency
Goethe-Institut Moscow
British Council Russia
Joseph Beuys Theatre

The Culture Plus Forum is an annual international event held on the initiative of the Cultural Policy Institute and conceived as a presentation space and a discussion club providing an opportunity to examine various aspects of relationships between culture, society, economy and politics.

Culture Plus2007 will take place on 29-30 November 2007 on the premises of PROEKT_FABRIKA (18, Perevedenovski per. Moscow).

Culture Pluswill explore the issues of:

  • social responsibility of the arts;
  • implementing cultural policy through large-scale projects.

The Programme will feature presentations of:

  • Democracy.doc on Tour in Russian Regions;
  • Joseph Beuys Theatre;
  • An Itinerant Capital: Culture-led territorial development, a book published by CPI.

Who should attend:

cultural managers, creative professionals, representatives of the authorities, businesses and the media.

The registration for Culture Plus 2007 is open till 26 November.