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19th August 1991 changed the life of people who used to be called the Soviet. Then those who believed in freedom barricaded the streets to protect the democracy. A different life began in Russia and it was lavish with promises of a better future. 15 years passed since then and the word ‘politics’ nowadays has rather negative connotation with most of the Russians. People do not believe in civil society, freedom, or democracy any longer, they have lost faith in their ability to influence the political life of the country. What has happened to the Russians in those 15 years? Why have they become less enthusiastic and much more indifferent? Whether and how can the democratic values be restored?

The new «Theatre.doc» production is neither a fiction drama nor an ordinary ‘verbatim’ experiment. The creation of the «Democracy.doc» production has been a year long process. In 2005 two Russian playwrights Nina Belenitskaya and Ivan Ugarov interviewed over 30 citizens of different Russian regions. Analysing the collected materials the creative team felt the necessity to carry some studies on the subconscious attitude of the Russians towards the issue in order to understand the role of politics and democracy in the contemporary Russian society. Thus, two psychotherapists – Elena Margo and Arman Bekenov – joined the creative team and in winter and spring of 2006 conducted several training sessions in «Theatre.doc». That is how the production «Democracy.doc» was born.

None of the performances will be similar to the previous one as the spectators will also be invited to join the creative team on stage. So the production based originally on the documentary materials concerning the 1991-2005 period will be permanently updated owing to the interactive participation of the audience.

«Democracy.doc» Project also includes: (1) the production of a drama-documentary film about the changes that has happened to the Russians in the past 15 years (the premiere of the film is scheduled for February, 2007); (2) discussions on the ‘democracy’ issues on the «Theatre.doc» venue with the participation of political scientists.

Info on the Creative Group:

Nina Belenitskaya, playwright, screenwriter, journalist

Ivan Ugarov, playwright, screenwriter, writer

Georg Genoux, stage director. Staged 10 productions in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria. Co-founder of the «Theatre.doc». Has directed various contemporary drama festival programmes in Germany and Russia. Featured in several films, in particular he played the leading role in Piotr Todorovsky’s film “The Constellation OX”.

Elena Margo, psychologist

Arman Bekenov, psychologist

The Project is created with the participation and support of the Cultural Policy Institute.

The Project Coordinator from the Cultural Policy Institute: Ms Elena Zelentsova (lz@cpolicy.ru).

Booking and Press Accreditation Info:

Phone: 8 926 195 4176

e-mail: democracy@teatrdoc.ru