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Yet more often cultural practitioners in our country set their hopes on attracting private funds. Is business ready to take an active part in developing Russian cultural field? What are the special features of interactions between non-commercial cultural institutions with private donors, philanthropists, sponsors, and charitable foundations? Do all parties involved benefit from these partnerships? And what are the sponsor’s expectations in return for their financial support in favor of cultural organisations?

Today’s approach towards fundraising is based on the concept of social responsibility, on the part of both business and culture. Such an approach allows to effectively arrange interactions of these two sectors by introducing a third agent – communities, which in fact become the main addressee of joint efforts of business and culture. To find a common language and field of activity for business and culture, turn their relationships from occasional (ad hoc) and one-sided into long-term and mutually beneficial – such tasks are very much up-to-date for Russia. Our main partners on this programme are Arts&Business, UK, and “KulturKontact” foundation, Austria.

Over the year 2003 seminars on fundraising took place in St. Petersburg, N. Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk and Moscow. Participants of the N. Novgorod and Moscow seminars were offered The Big Fundraising Game, which enabled to simulate all types of dialogs between business and culture, identify and analyze mutual interests of both counterparts.

The program’s main activity in the year 2004 was a comprehensive research project. Research trips to Austria and the UK took place in October, 2004. Following the results of these trips both groups involved presented analytical reports on the state of sponsorship and charity markets in both countries. Researches will be published in the firth edition of Cultural Policy Institute brochures in its “Cultural strategies. Expert club” series. This edition will focus on “Culture and business. Bridges to new partnerships” program.


The network of fundraising trainers "Culture Plus"