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Culture on Borders


The seminars are aimed at improving professional skills of cultural sphere practitioners. They are addressed to all those who search for new development resources for cultural institutions and are ready to experience new approaches towards their own professional activity.

The seminars were called 'Culture on Borders' because it is on the borders of culture where innovations first emerge and later move towards the center. The majority of such innovations arise in dialogues with other disciplines, diverse and unlike cultures. Further development of todays culture directly depends on its ability to interact with spheres beyond its boundaries authorities, society, business, mass media etc.

The first seminar of this series was organised in partnership with Association of Russian Museums and Non-commercial partnership 'MiR' (the city of Tula) and was held in March 2004 in Moscow and in Leo Tolstoy's Museum-Estate 'Yasnaya Polyana'. 25 participants from various regions of Russia researched, both theoretically and practically, the issues of cultural economics, interaction with mass media, mastered 'technologies of success', studied cases of successful cultural organisations from the inside, and received practical consultations from legal advisors and economists.