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Democracy.doc on tour in Russian regions

Democracy.doc, a co-production of the THEATRE.DOC and the Cultural Policy Institute premiered in Moscow in 2006, is to embark on a tour to the Russian cities of Togliatti, Novosibirsk, Petrozavodsk and Yekaterinburg. The tour is supported by the Open Society Institute.

The performances will be followed by a series of trainings for volunteers and workshops for professionals willing to get acquainted with the documentary theatre techniques.

Each leg of the tour will be meticulously filmed, both in the auditoriums and on the streets. The footage will serve as the basis for a feature documentary depicting the present state of Russian Democracy from the perspective of ordinary, mostly young, people living in various Russian regions.

The project will be completed with the publication of a book comprising materials gathered over the tour, expert commentaries and assessments.

To find more information about the project please click here.