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Contemporary Arts in response to HIV/AIDS

In April 2006, Cultural Policy Institute launches a two-year project «Contemporary Arts against HIV/AIDS». The project will be developed in the framework of the UNESCO programme «Mainstreaming Cultural Approach to HIV/AIDS Prevention».

Project Description:
The project is aimed at disseminating unbiased information on the HIV/AIDS issues and also at making the voice of people living with HIV/AIDS audible, through means of the art, to general public. The project consists of: (1) an Open Social Poster Competition for young graphic designers and a Poster Action aimed at disseminating the best posters; (2) a Documentary Theatre Production based on interviews with people living with HIV/AIDS and with professionals dealing with HIV/AIDS issues. In the framework of the project, workshops, open discussions and training sessions will be held in 2006-07. In order to encourage follow-up actions, the results and materials of the project will be presented on the project web site, in the manual and on the multimedia disc.

Participants of the Project:
British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow; «Theatre.doc», Moscow, Institute of Tolerance, Moscow; Crisis Centre for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation «69th Parallel», Norilsk. It is planned to develop partnerships with theatre companies, educational institutions, youth movements, rehabilitation centers dealing with HIV/AIDS issues in the Russian regions and also in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus and the Republic of Moldova.

Target Audiences of the Project:
The project is addressed to the young audience and will be carried out by young creative professionals. The project will involve young designers, actors and playwrights in creating contemporary art works on the HIV/AIDS prevention issues and developing new artistic tools for the purposes of the HIV/AIDS prevention campaign. Thus, the creative professionals will be encouraged to become an active social group and to understand their responsibility for solving topical social problems.

Contact Information:
Sofya Averchenkova
Phone/fax: +7 495 500 5587
E-mail: averchenkova@gmail.com; institute@cpolicy.ru