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Calendar of Events



“Culture: Policy.Planning.Management” bibliography has been issued within the framework of CPI’s Publishing Program.


April21-25. Seminar “Culture on borders”, Museum-Estate “Yasnaya Polyana”. Seminar was held in partnership with Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region and Moscow Region Cultural Initiative Agency. 25 top manager of cultural organizations from Moscow region, Archangelsk, Izhevsk, Kazan and Mongolia took part in the seminar.

April23-24. Mikhail Gnedovsky, Director of CPI took part in the “Civil Society and Business” conference for graduates of CCR Program, held by IREX. Mikhail Gnedovsky spoke about the most important aspects of partnership between culture and business.


February 8. Seminar “Culture, business and community” took place in Izhevsk, The seminar was organized by the International Research and Exchange Board (IREX) and the Cultural Policy Institute.
February 9. Round table discussion at the Polytechnic Museum (Moscow): “Tell me who is your enemy”. The discussion was attended by politicians, sociologists, journalists and representatives of human rights organizations. February 15 – closing of exhibition “Tell me who is your enemy”.

February 16 – 18. Forum/workshop “Development prospects for cultural sector of Arkhangelsk region in the context of public sector reform of the Russian Federation” co-organized by the Cultural Policy Institute. Publication of new edition of the “Expert Club” series, “Creative Industries in Russia” brochure. Please refer to “Analytics” section for further information and contents of the edition.



December 3. An expert round table “Culture and business. European context and the Russian environment” took place at the Moscow Institute of the City’s Economy. The round table was attended by representatives of the Council of Europe, Arts&Business, as well as participants of research programs in Austria and the UK.

December 9. Seminar “Marketing of the performing arts” took place at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), organized by the Cultural Policy Institute. The seminar was hosted by Ms. Joanne Scheff Bernstein. The seminar was attended by 45 directors of Russian theaters, music and concert enterprises, producing agencies.

December 13-15. Expert/analytical seminar “Information-analytical agency ‘Culture plus’ web site as a positioning tool within the space of today’s cultural policy”

December 24. Opening of the exhibition “Tell me who is your enemy” at the Moscow Polytechnic Museum


November 5-7. Conference “Creative quarters: independent creative spaces” took place at the DOM cultural center. Conference organizers: TSEKH dance theaters agency, DOM cultural center, Cultural Policy Institute.

November 27-28. Project seminar “Cultural industries: Creative cluster”. The seminar was organized by the Cultural Policy Institute with participation of: Ministry of Culture and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Center for Development of Creative Industries (St. Petersburg), Coordination Council for Development of Russian Creative Industries, ANO “Creative Industries” (Moscow). Hosts and experts of the seminar: Georgi Nikich (Moscow), Phil Wood (Haddersfield, UK), Tom Fleming (London, UK), Elena Zelentsova (Moscow), Lyubov Kuzovnikova (Moscow)


October 25-30. Seminar “Museums in Search of a New Visitor. Contemporary museum management.”, organized by UNESCO and the Cultural Policy Institute. Participants of the seminar included 15 museum directors from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

October 15. The Institute of the City’s Economy and the Cultural Policy Institute together with Association of Cultural Managers carried out a “round table” session on “Practices and new partnership possibilities for arts and business”.

October 15. Moscow, Club on Brestskaya street. One-day preparatory seminar for participants of a research project involving 2-week internships in Austria and the UK with the aim of researching fundraising situation in both countries. A similar research is taking place in Russia. These events take place in the framework of the program “Culture and Economy. Bridges to new Cultural Partnerships” undertaken by the Cultural Policy Institute under the aegis of Council of Europe, in collaboration with the Ministry of Mass Communication of the Russian Federation.

October 7-10. A project-analytical seminar “Multiculture as a Resource for Regional Development” (the second CPI seminar of the “Culture on Borders” series) took place in the town of Dubrovka. The seminar was organized by the Volgograd region administration, a Russia leadership program “An Open World” of the US Library of Congress, “An Open World for Graduates” program (“Harmony project”) and the Cultural Policy Institute.


Publication of the second brochure of the “Cultural Strategies: an Expert Club” series. This issue included materials from the first “Culture on Borders” seminar which took place from March 18 to 21, 2004 simultaneously at three sites: the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, State History Museum and Museum estate “Yasnaya Polyana”.


Presentation of a new web-site – The “Cultural Policy” Research and Information Agency, a consortium of three information projects: “Heritage and Innovations”, “Culture. Policy. Planning. Management” and the Cultural Policy Institute web-site.

Publication of a brochure “New Formats of Partnership” of the new publication series – “Cultural strategies: an Expert Club”. The brochure includes articles of leading international experts who participated in seminars of the “Culture and Economy” program. These are: Justin O’Connor (University of Manchester, UK), Phil Wood (Comedia Agency on the Cities’ Creative Development, UK), Andrew McIlroy (Arts&Business, UK).


July 5-9. A project seminar “Creative industries – a resource for the City’s Development” took place in Arkhangelsk, in the framework of the “Creative Industries” program carried out jointly by the Council of Europe, the Ministry of Culture and Mass communications of the Russian Federation and the CPI.


The CPI became a member of two major international networks – EFAH and Arts Management Network.

The CPI presented a new information project at the International conference held in St. Petersburg – UNESCO Program “Information for Everyone: a Global Information Access”.

June 4. The CPI held a conference under the title “Cultural Policy and Cultural Journalism in the Context of Information Technologies”. The conference was held in the framework of the 8th annual ADIT-conference 2004.


April 9. An analytical seminar was held in the framework of the CPI project the “Cultural Policy” Research and Information Agency.


March 18-21. The “Culture on Borders” seminar.


February 10-12. “Kulturprosvet” seminar for regional press (in the framework of “Culture and Journalism” program).

February 10. Conference “Culture as a factor of world politics”.

Calendar of events, 2003


December 24. Premiere at the DOC theater – “Sober PR”; presentation on a new CPI program, “Culture and Society”.


November 3. A round table “Culture and economy” took place in Arkhangelsk . Among the participants were representatives of the Council of Europe, Administration of the Arkhangelsk region, the CPI experts and staff members, representatives of cultural organization of the North-West region.

November 3-7. A second seminar “Creative industries: from Resources to Politics” took place in Arkhangelsk.

Announcement of a “Kulturprosvet” contest for independent regional publications writing about culture on a permanent basis.


Announcement of a “Master of Changes” contest carried out by the CPI and Association of Cultural Managers.

October 3-7. A seminar “Cultural Institutes in Transition: Making the Case for Culture” took place in Salzburg, Austria, with the participation of the CPI.

October 12-14, Sochi. The CPI took part in an expert meeting “Development strategies for local communities” The meeting was organized by the program “Strengthening and developing the Russian NGOs” of the Council of international research and exchange (IREX).

October 10-17, Tbilisi. The CPI took part in the International cultural fair in Georgia. The CPI participated in an exposition, meeting of the Caucasian network of cultural managers, as well as two conferences – “Cultural Policy under the Conditions of Globalization” and “Arts and Business”.


September 7. Fundraising workshop in the framework of Krasnoyarsk museum biennale.

September 9-12. “Arts and Business” seminar. Among the participants were representatives of Moscow government and public organizations as well as participants from Arkhangelsk, Petrozavodsk, Surgut, |Syktyvkar, Tula, Tolyatti, Samara, Nizhni Novgorod, Kirov and Moscow.


July 14-18. “Creative industries” seminar took place in Petrozavodsk with participation of the British experts and a representative of the Council of Europe (with the participation of the Center for Cultural Initiatives of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Karelia).