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Mission of the Cultural Policy Institute (CPI)

CPIs mission is to promote the concept of culture as a resource of social development. CPIs perceived role is to perform the mediation function between the culture, the business community, the government authorities, the media, and the society at large. CPI is expected to become both a generator and a conduit of the modernizing strategies of cultural policy, an analytical, advisory and resource center promoting the development of cultural networks, intersectoral cooperation, introduction of new information exchange, public relations, management, marketing and fund-raising models in the field of culture.

CPI's Goals and Objectives

CPIs strategic goals include:
- Promotion of the concept of culture as a resource of social development and the idea of capitalisation of cultural potential;
- Consolidation of Russian cultural networks and development of their interfaces with foreign network organisations;
- Development of the long-term positive relationships between culture and the communities, culture and the authorities, culture and the businesses, and culture and the media;
- Attracting Western charitable and commercial investments into the Russian culture;
- Development of a system of supplementary training of the managers of culture enabling them to acquire broad qualifications;
- Introduction of new PR technologies and information exchange models into the operational environment of the traditional cultural institutions.

Objectives set by CPI include:

- Analysis of the cultural situation and the most immediate tasks of the cultural policy in contemporary Russia;
- Monitoring, support and informational promotion of the growth points in the field of cultural policy;
- Design of project-oriented models of cultural development and action research at the regional and municipal level (including the elaboration of projected amendments to the legal framework regulating the cultural activity), implementation of pilot projects in specific regions in partnership with foreign innovation centers, local authorities and network organisations of culture;
- Setting up a permanent facility supporting the communication between the existing and new network organisations of culture (annual forum and a site of virtual dialogue);
- Arranging a series of seminars, training sessions and round table discussions on various aspects of the cultural policy for regional managers of culture;
- Exploring a staff of experts capable of conducting expert evaluations, providing consultancy services and planning projects in the area of cultural policy;
- Regular paper-based and/or electronic publication of the results of analytical and project activity of the CPI, directories, manuals and recommendations, translations of European educational and methodological books on cultural policy issues (in future publication of a thematic newsletter or magazine).

Principal form of activity of the CPI to carry out specific operational projects in partnership with the domestic and foreign cultural organisations.
The areas of activity have been selected in accordance with the mission and the concept of the CPI. They are interlinked and constitute a single entity, taking into account the present-day features of the Russian society and the role of culture in its life.