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Annual Report 2005

Cultural Policy Institute

Report on the Activities in 2005


1.1. Seminar on the Issues of Cultural Policy and the Public Sector Reform in Russia (Arkhangelsk, February 2005, in collaboration with the Canadian Cultural Observatory). The seminar was aimed at analysing the public sector reform and its implications for culture in Russia, in the context of planning and implementation of similar reforms in other countries.
The two-days seminar was initiated by the Committee of Culture, Administration of Arkhangelsk Region, in collaboration with the Creative Industries Development Center, St. Petersburg, and the Coordination Council for Creative Industries Development in Russia.

In the course of the seminar:
  • presentations of the Russian and Canadian experts on cultural policy took place;
  • discussions on the issues of the public sector reform and its implications for cultural sector were held;
  • a round table discussion on creative industries development was organized.
Over 80 people took part in the seminar, including Heads of Culture and Deputy Heads of Municipal Administrations, Arkhangelsk Region. During their stay in Arkhangelsk, the CPI experts have also consulted the pilot creative industries projects developing in the city.

1.2. Models and Practices of Sponsorship and Fundraising in Russia and Europe: a Comparative Research Project (April – September 2005). 
The project was aimed at:
  • survey of the problems of corporate fundraising in Russia, analysis of case studies of successful collaboration of the Russian culture and business organizations;
  • description of the models and practices of sponsorship and fundraising in Austria, France and UK;
  • comparative analysis of the principles of collaboration of culture and business in Russia and Europe, formulation of practical recommendations for Russia.

The research, led by M.Gnedovsky, was conducted by a team that included participants of the 2004 Arts and Business Program and CPI experts. The project was supported, both organizationally and financially, by Arts and Business, UK, Admical, France, and KulturKontakt, Austria.
The research was based upon:
  • materials gathered during the study trips in UK and Austria, organized by CPI in 2004;
  • essays submitted for the competition «Best Practices of Arts and Business Collaboration» held by CPI in May – July 2005.

The project has been the first in Russia large scale research project focused on the issues of sponsorship and fundraising in the cultural sector. A brochure «Culture and Business: Formulae of Partnership (materials of a research)», based on the results of the project, was published by CPI.

1.3. Development of the Russian Trainers in Fundraising Network. «Training the Trainers Seminars» (Moscow, July 6-9 and October 22, 2005).
Training the Trainers Program was developed in the framework of the Council of Europe’s Bridges to New Partnerships for Culture Project. Two training sessions were led by the experts of Arts and Business, UK. As a result, a core network of the licensed Russian trainers in fundraising was established, under auspices of CPI and Arts and Business, UK.
So far, the network includes 10 people representing educational, cultural and network organizations based in Moscow and in the regions . The network is aimed at conducting training seminars in fundraising throughout the country and disseminating information on the strategies and best practices of culture and business collaboration.
Another result of the Training the Trainers Program was development of a Russian educational product: a one-day course in fundraising for cultural managers. In the course of the training in fundraising sessions held by the Russian trainers, materials published by CPI are used: «Glossary of Terms of Fundraising» and «Guidebook of Fundraising» by A. McIlroy, and brochure «Culture and Business: Formulae of Partnership (materials of a research)».

2. «Experience of Interaction» Project Competition (May – September 2005). 
The competition was announced through the web sites and mailing lists of CPI and partner organizations.
The applications could be submitted for two nominations:
(a) sponsorship projects (not-for-profit cultural initiatives) and
(b) investment projects (creation or development of creative enterprises).

The winners had the possibility to present their projects at the First Moscow International Culture Plus Forum. Grants for preparation of the winners’ exhibitions were envisaged (up to $2,000). Also, the winners could use exhibition and multimedia equipment rented for that purpose by CPI. Of 12 projects submitted for the competition, the Jury selected 3 winners .

3. The First Moscow International Culture Plus Forum (ARTPLAY Design Center, Moscow, October 23-25, 2005). The Forum was held on the initiative of CPI, in the framework of the Council of Europe’s Bridges to New Partnerships for Culture Project. Among the Forum’s main organizers were Committee on Culture, the Moscow Government, Arts and Business, UK, Association of Cultural Managers, Institute for Urban Economy, Moscow, and Center of Cultural Initiatives, Moscow Region. Partners in the Forum were also Moscow Architecture Preservation Society, International University in Moscow, Creative Industries Agency and Classica 21 Publishing House.
Beside Open Society Institute, the Forum’s sponsors included: ARK Centre (free printing of posters and provision of IT services, rent of equipment and creation of multimedia products at reduced prices); Nestle Company (free coffee and snacks for the coffee breaks); ARTPLAY Design Center (rent of space at reduced price); and Rosbalt Information Agency. Culture, business, authorities and the media were represented at the Forum.
During the 3 days, the number of the Forum’s registered visitors exceeded 700. Those included people from the regions: Petrozavodsk, Arkhangelsk, Samara, Nizhni Novgorod, Tula, Togliatti, Cheboksary, Izhevsk, Krasnoyarsk, Yaroslavl, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Syzran, Shelekhov, and cities of the Moscow Region. Foreign experts at the Forum included: Domenico Ronconi, Head of Cultural Action, Council of Europe; Frederique Privat-de-Fortunie, Manager, Action Plan for Russia, Council of Europe; Colin Tweedy, Executive Director, Arts and Business, UK; Philip Spedding, Head of Policy and Information, Arts and Business, UK; Andrew McIlroy, author, Guidebook of Fundraising, Belgium; Charles Landry, author, The Creative City, UK.
The Forum’s program included:
  • Presentations of five new books: the Russian editions, co-produced by CPI: (1) The Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida, (2) The Creative City by Charles Landry, (3) Guidebook of Fundraising by Andrew McIlroy; and brochures published by CPI: (4) «Creative Industries: a Model for Assembling» and (5) «Culture and Business: Formulae of Partnership (materials of a research)».
  • Seven exhibitions developed by: Cultural Policy Institute, Association of Cultural Managers, Novy Jerusalem Museum, Moscow Architecture Preservation Society, Moscow Business Library, Creative Izba Agency and Komart Club, Republic of Karelia.
  • Four round table discussions: «Culture plus Business: European Dimension», «Culture plus Business: Russian Dimension», «Investment in Creative Spaces», and «Creative Cities in Russia».

As it was stated in the final press release of the Forum, «culture has become a resource of economic development, a means to resolve the social problems and a unifying platform where varied public interests meet. Culture as a base and source of creativity is nowadays an important factor of competitiveness, innovative development, cross-sectoral collaboration, development of new ways of communication, and integration of the contemporary Russian society. This new role of culture must be taken into account while developing the long-term strategies and considered in the political agendas on local, regional and national levels». At the end of The Forum, a press conference was held by Rosbalt Information Agency, where it was announces that the Second International Culture plus Forum will be held in Moscow in 2006.


4.1. «Culture, Business and Society» Seminar (Izhevsk, February 8, 2005)
The seminar organized in collaboration with IREX, was attended by 45 representatives of city administration, small and medium enterprises and cultural institutions, alumni of the Russian – American exchange programs.

4.2. The Third «Culture at the Borders» Seminar (Yasnaya Polyana, April 21-25, 2005)
The seminar was organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, the Moscow Region. The two previous seminars of «Culture at the Borders» series, organized by CPI, have shown a great demand for such educational activity in the regions. It has also become clear that these seminars can be used as an efficient tool to promote the innovative agenda developed by CPI. Reform of the public sector in Russia has created demand for the new models for cultural institutions’ activity. The seminar was focused on the new, challenging economic models, issues of arts and business collaboration and creative industries development. The seminar was attended by 35 cultural managers, including those from the Moscow Region, Arkhangelsk, Izhevsk, Kazan, and from Republic of Mongolia.

4.3. Lecture «Sponsorship Projects as an Instrument of Advertising» (Moscow, April 23, 2005)
M. Gnedovsky has delivered a lecture before the alumni of IREX Civil Society and Business Exchange Program. The lecture was attended by 120 people representing small and medium enterprises in Moscow and regions. 4.4. Exhibition and Round Table Discussion «Creative Industries in Russia» (Moscow, December 19-25, 2005) The exhibition and round table discussion were part of Culture of Moscow Region Fair that took place in the largest contemporary exhibition venue «Crocus Expo».


5.1. Brochures in the «Cultural Strategies: Experts’ Club» Series
In 2005, two current issues of the brochures were published: «Creative Industries: A Model for Assembling» (Issue 4) and «Culture and Business: Formulae of Collaboration (materials of a research)» (Issue 5). The «Creative Industries: A Model for Assembling» brochure deals with the problems of creative industries development in Russia. It included analytical essays by the Russian experts, overview of creative enterprises supported by CPI, and summary of «Creative Cluster» seminar held in 2004, which was aimed at developing a model of creative cluster for Moscow. Description of «Culture and Business: Formulae of Collaboration (materials of a research)» brochure see in 1.2.

5.2. The First Moscow International Culture Plus Forum Catalogue
The catalogue (1,000 copies, full color print) included the Forum’s concept, program of the discussions, brief summaries of the books presented at the Forum, and the exhibitions displayed there.

5.3. CPI Web Site and Culture Plus Portal
In 2005, CPI web site was reshaped to acquire a new design, better navigation and enhanced administrative interface, which made it more convenient and dynamic. The Culture Plus Portal was given over to the Center of Cultural Initiatives, Moscow Region, a new organization eager to run such large-scale project and having enough resources for developing the portal.


In April 2005, CPI submitted two applications to UNESCO: «Museums-based Creative Industries Development» and «Contemporary Arts against HIV/AIDS». The second project was supported with a grant of $50,000 for two years. 
In September 2005, CPI asked KulturKontakt, Austria, to support the Program of Arts and Business Research. It was granted ?3,500 for that purpose. In October 2005, CPI applied to the Council of Europe to support the Train the Trainers in Fundraising Session. The project was granted ?3,000. Finally, a grant from Russian State Fund for Fundamental Research (RGNF) was received for a partnership project with the Center of Eastern Christian Culture: 346,809 Rub. ($12,500).