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Cultural Policy Institute (CPI) was established in Moscow in 2002, as an independent agency providing consultancy, research and project development services.

Cultural Policy Institute aims to:

  • study culture as a resource of social development;
  • foster partnerships between culture, business, authorities and society;
  • encourage cultural networking;
  • create and promote innovative cultural strategies;
  • develop new approaches to the information exchange, public relations, management, marketing and fundraising in the cultural sector.

To meet the objectives, Cultural Policy Institute:

  • analyses current situation in the cultural sector in Russia;
  • carries out comparative researches on cultural policies and trends both at a national and international level;
  • monitors innovative approaches in the field of culture and cultural policy;
  • creates pool of experts for research and project activities in the field of cultural policy;
  • develops model cultural strategies at a regional and local level;
  • designs and implements pilot cultural projects in various regions;
  • holds seminars, training sessions and round table discussions on current cultural strategies;
  • publishes analytical papers and reports on its project activities, reference books and manuals, Russian translations of the editions on the issues of cultural policy.

CPI publishes a series of brochures ‘Cultural Strategies: Experts’ Club’.

In collaboration with the Classica 21 Publishing House, CPI published the first Russian editions of:

  • The Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Innovators, by Charles Landry, 2005
  • The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It’s Transforming Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life, by Richard Florida, 2005
  • Standing Room Only: Strategies for Marketing the Performing Arts, by Philip Kotler & Joanne Scheff, 2004
  • Culture at the Crossroads: Culture and Cultural Institutions at the Beginning of the 21st Century, by Charles Landry & Mark Pachter, 2003
  • Bridges to New Partnerships for the Arts: A Basic Fundraising Guide, by Andrew McIlroy, 2005.

The activities of CPI are based on the networking principles. CPI has designed and developed various projects in collaboration with Russian cultural organisations, regional and local authorities, foreign and international organisations such as the Council of Europe, UNESCO, «Arts and Business», «Euclid», «Comedia» (UK), «KulturKontakt» (Austria), etc. The CPI projects and programmes have been run with the participation of leading Russian and international experts in the field.

Since 2005, CPI holds an annual Moscow International ‘Culture Plus’ Forum aimed at discussing the problems emerging on the border between culture, economy and politics; coordinating the development strategies based on creative resources; articulating the interests and achieving the mutual understanding of creative professionals, businesses and the state.

Developing its own programmes, CPI has also designed and carried out projects for several Russian institutions, such as Unified Energy System, Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy ‘Yasnaya Polyana’, Administration of the city of Surgut, etc. The projects of CPI were awarded grants of various charity organizations, such as the Eurasia Foundation, the Open Society Institute, Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation, Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, etc.